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Maui With Undersea Life, in the Air Fun, and Grounded 2009

You can find some nice underwater photos from my 2008 trip here: Maui 2008
You can find fabulous underwater photos (with the big octopus) from my 2007 trip here: Maui 2007
You can find me and the shark and me and Michael photos of my 2006 trip here: Maui 2006
You can find the relatively boring (except for the whale) photos of my 2005 trip here: Maui 2005

Photos from 2009 Maui Trip By Jeffrey

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At the ZipLine Shack -- Still Alive 20090208
Long Walk - Better Make it to the Top20090208
Full Moon at Dawn from Balcony 20090209
Double Whale of a Tail Tale 20090211
Two Whales Frolicking Up Close 20090212
Octopus Ready to Prepare for Sashimi 20090316
4 Kinds of Tako Poke With Sea Salad 20090316
Wall to Wall Fish 20090604
Jeffrey - All is Very Okay 20090604
Here and eel, there an eel ... 20090604
Expect me to eat this for dinner? 20090604
Lobster out for a stroll 20090604
Hey, Big Guy, come on out and play. 20090604
Just a big white blob of what? 20090604
Can you see me now? 20090604

Hawaiian Traditions and My Last Few Days on Maui

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Jeffrey Celebrating Sunset 20090603
Kanaha Beach Vacation Resort 20090603
Bananas and Bike 20090605
My Apple Banana Tree - Sweet, Yummy! 20090605


This is the blog section


I arrived early afternoon. No cars available. Bummer. I had to rent a very expensive Jeep.


ZipLine in West Maui. Fun! Eight lines from 400 to 1200 feet.


Intense SCUBA and whale watch expedition is almost over.
Stay tuned for photos in a few days ...


Today's SCUBA and whale watch was cancelled due to high winds.
I'll take some time to add a few photos and reorganize the page.


I moved from my timeshare at Kahana Beach Vacation Resort into a one bedroom ohana in Mahinhina -- about half a mile down the road. I'll be spending a few weeks finishing some renovations.


I did something to my back, probably working on the grounds. I've never had such pain. Seeing doctors, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, chiropractor, anyone who can help.
I've had to cancel all my dance plans for now. Bummer!


I figured out how to use Hulu to watch TV shows and movies over the internet. I don't have a TV set here. I'm surprised at how quickly I've adjusted to watching Bones and House on my laptop. I also have several good NPR radio stations with classical music 24x7 to listen to on the web.


I cooked an octopus for sushi tomorrow. Here's the story: I had my body work at 12:30 in Honokowai, about a mile down the road from my house. I took a short walk on the beach -- it was a beautiful day. On my way back I noticed some tourists and a few locals in the tide pool at the beach. The locals were fishermen who had caught several octopodes (plural of octopus) and they were corralled in the tide pool. The tourists, one a young boy, were afraid to touch the octopus so I picked one up. This led to them all touching and holding it, including taking some cell phone pictures.

I offered to buy one of the critters for dinner. The fisherman just gave it to me upon my promise I would eat it. He refused my money. So, I got a Safeway plastic bag from the car, filled it with sea water, and took the octopus home. Here are links:
Octopus Ready to Prepare for Sashimi
Octopus for Sushi Recipe
The section of the kitchen counter is 24" wide -- just so you know the scale.

I had a little fun introducing the critter to several people on the beach. Some would touch it. Some were squeamish. One little boy was fascinated but his mom wouldn't touch it so neither did he. The woman in a young couple expressed her true consciousness of feeling that this was challenge from the universe that she should take, and she reached in the bag to pet the octopus. She wouldn't pick it up, though. I thought I did my good deed for educating the world. What would you have done in her situation?


The octupus sashimi (tako poke) I bought at Safeway is waaaay better than the octopus I cooked. Until I find someone to teach me exactly how to prepare tako poke I'll leave it to the local professionals. The four kinds are kimchee, soy, lemongrass, and I forgot. All are great.


I was feeling a bit better today. On the way home from shopping in Lahaina I stopped at a garage sale. I bought a beat up but quite functional 1999 Yamaha Zuma II scooter. At 49cc it is not too fast, but this one is zippy enough for me. This class of scooter is considered a bicycle, not a motor vehicle in Hawaii. No registration or insurance or motorcycle operator license. It's great for local shopping trips, going to the each, etc. I'm not sure I'd want to ride 35 miles to shop at Costco.


I finally had to return to San Francisco. Boo hoo.


I'll fill in the rest of the blog when I get my real world straightend out...


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