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Maui With the Undersea Life 2008

You can find some nice underwater photos from my 2008 trip here: Maui 2007
You can find me and the shark and me and Michael photos of my 2006 trip here: Maui 2006
You can find the relatively boring (except for the whale) photos of my 2005 trip here: Maui 2005

Photos By Steve Juarez at Lana'i 2008 -- Mar31 Apr01

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Jeffrey With Cute Little Octopussy 20080331
This is a Real, Untouched Photograph 20080331
Can You Find The Leaf Scorpion Fish? 20080331
Does his Help? See it Now? 20080331
I Know You Can See I'm a Fish, Now. 20080331
This is NOT the Itsy Bitsy Spider 20080331
I Don't Know if I'm Coming or Going 20080331
Hey, I Can Swim Without Your Help! 20080331
Go Away! You Want a Very Bad Day? 20080331
Stay Back! I've Got the Measels. 20080331

Photos from 2008 Maui Trip By Jeffrey

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Maui Rainbow on Route 30 near Lahaina

Photos By Todd Near Lana'i 2008 February 02

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Todd Took These Photos 20080202
Very Interesting Fish 20080202
Octopus 20080202
Octopus 20080202
Shark 20080202

Photos By Steve Juarez at Lana'i 2008 February 02

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You Scratch My Back and I Will ... 20080202
Oh George, Where Are You George 20080202

Photos By Carol in 'Iao Valley 2008 February 04

Canon Elf Digital Camera

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Jeffrey in the River - Standing 20080204
Jeffrey in the River - Seated 20080204
Carol Took These Photos 20080204
Carol in the River - Seated 20080204
Carol in the River - Seated 20080204

Photos By Steve Juarez at Manta Ray Spot 2008 February 7

Click for Large Photo Description
Mantas Play Ring Around the Rosie 20080207
Alien Invaders From Outer Space 20080207
One Invader Crash Lands in the Coral 20080207
Here Comes Another -- Take Cover! 20080207


This is the blog section


I arrived late afternoon. Did shopping, got settled.

Since last year's one week trip was too hectic I am here for two weeks. I can do some diving then sit on my butt and watch the whales.

It was rainy and cold so I didn't get into the water today.


Cloudy this morning. I did a short swim and went shopping.

The photo of the rainbow promted me to start this page. I took it with my shabby, ancient Motorola V220 cell phone while I was driving. (Yes, not too smart.)


Carol joined me today, for the rest of our stay until Feb 13.


Dive with the Manta Rays this afternoon. Lot of them. Fabulous rainbow on the way home, but I left even my cell phone on land.


Back to Maui again for business for two weeks.


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