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Maui for SCUBA 21Mar2007


My last trip to Maui was in October, 2006 with my friend Michael.
I only did one night dive at Blackrock -- and got only one poor photo.

My last dive trip to Maui was in February, 2006.
I don't have any photos from that trip because I spent most of the week under water in an open water SCUBA certification class.

On this March, 2007 trip I was in a group of six with Steve as the divemaster.
Both Steve and MarkS had professional cameras. They got some fabulous photos.
We did two dives: Shark Fin Rock and Lighthouse
I've posted a few for now -- just after the dive -- and they are great!
I'll post some more after I get some time to review and edit them.
References and more introduction to come...


There were 8 of us on this trip;
We did two dives: Sergeant Major and First Cathedral. And I thought another dive trip to Lanai could be boring? Dumb!
Steve said that there are around 40 dive sites at Lanai. Each site has it's own unique flavor, fishes, water, terrain, etc.
I cannot speak more highly of Dive Maui! I've been on around 10 dives in Maui and these folks are the best. Well organized. They remember your equipment from day to day. Excellent suggestions and leadership by Steve.

We broke into two groups today. Steve took one group and Neil the other.
I pushed my air to the limit and had to surface far from the boat. It was an energetic swim to get back to the boat. I reduced my weights today from yesterday (and yesterday from previous) based on advice from Steve. He was right! Next dive I will do Nitrox.
Neil said that the only mistake Steve ever made was when he thought he might have made a mistake. How's that for loyalty?

OK, I'm only putting up a few more photos today. I'm hungry.

It turns out that if you are younger than ?? you don't even grok the reference to Sigourney Weaver. OK, for you kiddies, she played in the really scary sci-fi movie "Aliens." Get it now? No? Tough!

Photos from 2007 Maui Trip

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Oh, my the sushi is eating Jeffrey
Noooo! I'm not Sigourney Weaver
I'll rip your mask off. Now, swim
This one is more of a match
Little ones will play Cat's Cradle
I think this is Mark's best photo
Turtle stops in for facial and peel
Is that heaven or am I stoned?
No, it is not a screen saver
White Tipped Reef Shark 3-4 feet
Our surf board class

You can find the relatively boring (except for the whale) photos of my 2005 trip here: Maui 2005
You can find me and the shark and me and Michael photos of my 2006 trip here: Maui 2006

Bad Stuff -- In all good things a little rain must fall...

2007/04/12 - Status as of this date.

Please refer to This Page for the most recent information.
Since my first trip to Kahana, Maui, HI in 2000 I've had nothing but
idyllic and wonderful memories.

Alas, while my trip this year from Mar21-Mar28 was fabulous there was,
and is, a small, but really annoying problem.

It is the Vanguard wireless service.

The service is sold by the Kahana Beach Vacation Club where I own
timeshares and always stay.

Kahana Beach Vacation Club is managed by Consolidated Resorts.
I am not, nor have I been especially happy with them for some time.

It really saddens me to put this link on this page, but I have received
ZERO replies from the above vendors regarding this problem.

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