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Maui with Mike 22Oct2006

This was a short trip -- only six days -- from 22Oct2006 to 28Oct2006.
I took great pleasure in introducing my friend Michael to Hawaii.

My last trip to Maui was in February, 2006.
I don't have any photos from that trip because I spent most of the week under water in an open water SCUBA certification class.

On this trip I did only one dive, a night dive at Black Rock, led by my certification instruction Juan Briones.

And this time I did bring a camera. And the camera sucked! You shall see. Only a few of the photos are worth the paper.

And only one is worthy of posting online.

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My newest friend in Maui
Jeffrey and Michael at Luau

  You can find the relatively boring photos of my 2005 trip here: Maui 2005

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